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You don't see me at all.....

J dawg
I have had this journal since May of 2001. I use lj to bitch and complain, tell stories, document life changes, stay in touch with friends and to make new ones. I love to go back and read my entries over the years to see how much I have changed. I am very nostalgic about life and love and I think it's just as important to remember your past as it is to continually make progress for your future. It's all a part of our story.
or something like that...
40 year old virgin, 80's music, anchorman, andy samberg, art, backpacking, barbecue, bill murray, blur, boats n hoes, bondage, books, booze, boys, breakfast, brunch, cake, california, camping, catering, charlie kaufman, chasing amy, coldplay, computers, cookbooks, cooking, cooking healthy, cooking light, dancing, dancing naked, dashboard confessional, dean koontz, deftones, depeche mode, dessert, dexter, dido, digital photography, dinner parties, dr pepper, dreaming, dreams, drinks, eating, edgar allan poe, eternal sunshine spotless mind, fall out boy, family, fiona apple, fish, flight of the conchords, flirting, flogging molly, fressicas, garden state, girls, grilling, healthy cooking, hiking, home cooked meals, incubus, jedi chicks, jimmy eat world, jodi picoult, john cusack, john malkovich, kevin smith, knocked up, local music, margaritas, modest mouse, music, nin, nine inch nails, painting, panic at the disco, paul rudd, perfect circle, pete yorn, photography, poetry, radiohead, reading, recipe sharing, recipes, remy zero, retro, road trips, roller coasters, sacramento bands, santa cruz, screeching weasel, seafood, seth rogan, sex, sex and the city, sex in cars, sex toys, siouxsie and the banshees, six feet under, social d, sonic youth, soup, stanley donwood, summertime, swimming, taking back sunday, tattoos, the cure, the lonely island, the ocean, the sopranos, the unit, the used, the vandals, tori amos, travis, vandals, vent, voyeurism, watercolors, we are scientists, will ferrell, wine, writing, your momma, zoolander,